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1.4 2- Get trust of your customers and also new customers online


Every businessman has this question ‘Why I need a website for my business?‘ So in this article I am going to tell you top 15 reasons why you need a website for your business?

Do I really need a website for my business? Yes, It doesn’t matter how small your business or which type of business you have. At this moment everyone loves to search on internet for every product so you must be there and also your competitors would also be there.

When I suggest anyone to have a website for their business then their question is that why it’s important for my business?

Hey let’s start to talk why you need a website for your business. If you want your business for a long time then it’s very important to think about the comfort of your customers and easy to reach to you, also you should be visible when anyone search services related to you on internet.

The behavior of customers changes regularly. At this time everyone use technology to make their work easy, at this stage everyone has started to use digital way to search any service.

Let me explain it with an example. Let if you are searching for any service ex- ‘want to buy a shoe’. Will you go to shop to shop or will search on internet first?

Of course, you will search on internet first. If you get a shop near you and you like a shoe on their website, definitely you will visit on that shop first. If your shop is not on internet, No one will become able to get you at that time and you shall lose business.

AS PER RESEARCH SAYS 84% PEOPLE SEARCH ON INTERNET BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING OR GETTING ANY SERVICE. So from this you shall lose your business by 84% if you are not on internet.

They also check who is good and near to them and at cheapest price. Also everyone wants to see what this company has done before it? Are the customers happy with their services? They search for it and decide that with whom he/she should go for this deal.



If I say about this time due to COVID-19 pandemic everyone want to contact for any business from home and they start to search on internet for this. At this moment if you are not visible on internet, then think yourself how much loss are you getting?

No one want to go outside and by our website you can fulfil their requirement by online presence and they can contact you.
Now let’s talk about 15 main reasons, why you need a website for your business? These are the reasons which you can’t ignore.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number


May be you are happy with your turnover and size of your business but what’s about future? Will you be happy or you want more growth in your business than others and wants to attract new customers daily. The best way to do this is being visible on Google which is possible by your website.

As per new research says business with website gets 2 times more business than a business which is not online.

They get 4 times more growth than a business which is not online.

If anyone gets you on top of search, they started to trust on your business and it creates 80% chances that they will deal with you.

If anyone is new in your area and want to get services related to you definitely he/she will search on internet first, if you are visible on internet on top of that search, it insures that he/she will deal with you for that business. They can also access your previous work and reviews from customers which force them to go with you.

70% people deal with whom they got online on searching for those services.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

2- Get trust of your customers and also new customers online

According to a new research 30% people did’t believe on any business without a website.

It means you are losing 30% of your business due to absence of your website. If you want that people think your profile as a amazing one , contact ‘THE WEB NOOK’ and get a website at affordable price. After this people will think about you seriously.

If anyone gets you online then they believe that you are professional and you are going to stand for a long time in this business. They believe that they can clear any query online without going to your shop/office which creates a trust on your business.

Also looks matter a lot to attract a customer. If a new customer come to you for a deal, you have to tell them your specialties and have to convince them to deal with you but if he/she have seen you online or you have a website then he/she will get your full information on internet and you didn’t have to convince them, he/she have been convinced after watching your website.

That has created trust on you before coming to deal with you and everyone knows trust of customer means a guarantee of customer to deal with you. If you want to get more business then it’s more important to get trust of customers. If customers don’t trust on you, they shall never deal with you. So get a website and insure the trust of your new customers and increase your business.


Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

3- Everyone want to see your portfolio and reviews

Portfolio shows that what will they get if they deal with you. You can use high quality pictures and videos to show this. A good presentation always plays a important role if you want to gain new customers, mainly if you are new in business then a single customer also valuable for you.

For this you have to show how much good work you can do. And this is only possible by a website. After watching your portfolio customer remains hooked with you and becomes a loyal customer for you.

As in last I told trust of customer is key of success of your business. Let’s now see how a website can create more believe on you and led them to deal with you.

Let anyone search and got your website, if he/she sees your past works in portfolio and reviews of previous customers in testimonials, He started to believe that you can definitely done very good in your profession and portfolio is proof of it. Customers check down your previous works and become convinced automatically to deal with you.

At that you don’t have to do any type of work and customer is convinced without saying anything and he/she will visit to meet you directly to close the deal which also make your work easy to convince the people.

79% people which go to deal after watching business online, deals with them.

Testimonials gives a proof that you are not fake and really your customers are happy with your work. It creates a lots of trust on your business and your work.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

4- Expand your business

Are you happy with your present turnover and number of customers or you want more? As all customers are online so it’s very necessary to show them that you are also in market to serve these services. Main part of any business is their customers.

If you want to expand your business then you have to increase your new customers and you have to make new customers regularly. If you want to make new customers regularly, It’s only possible if customers found you online because before visiting to any shop/office they search for those services online.

If you shall expand your business without going online, You shall get only those customers who know you personally or who know about your business form their friends or relatives. But if you are online, you shall get those customers who didn’t know anything about you but seen you online.


Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

5- Available while your shop is closed i.e. available 24*7

It’s not possible to open your shop/office for 24 hours in a day but if you are online then anyone can know about your business and your services any time also if they want to deal with you they can contact you.

Let it assume it’s late night and you thought oh I forgot to get/buy it and you start to search for that service online. You got a website and you loved their portfolio and also found the contact details and you shall contact them and will fix an appointment.

By this you shall get profit while you was not on duty and got new customers easily. This is the main profit for any business by it’s website. Often many peoples forget to do some deals in busy life and when they become free at night they remember it and start to get information related to it. If you are online and ranking on top then that deal is for you.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

6- Fix appointments online

Time is Money.

I hope everyone knows it very well and noone want to spent extra time on any work. Your customers don’t want to spent a lot of time at your office for a few minutes of meeting.

They shall go with them where they can close this deal in less time. So it’s very much important for you to create such model that they can meet you in less time and close their deal easily.

This is possible by option of fix appointment. By which customer can fix appointment from mobile/laptop by going your official website and will get a time to meet you. He/she will come at that time and will meet directly to you. This will be very helpful for them and will force them to deal with you. This option will become gem for your business and you will get amazing growth in your business.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

7- Easy to access for a customer or easy to be connected

This is the most important reason why you need a official website for your business.

Assume you want to purchase any service or product, you shall go with them whom you found easily and you can reach till them easily. So if you want to gain more business you should be easy to access or easy to reach till customer, It should be easy that any customer can reach till you whenever he/she want. And a official website makes it possible.

You can integrate Google map in your website which will help customers to find you and your location. From this a customer who is new in your area can find you and contact you.


Company’s official website helps to customers know everything about you as who are you?, which services you give?, where are you?, from when you are in this business?, your portfolio and how they can contact you?

It helps to connect them with you. And the most important thing is this if anyone is connected with you then you have not to convince them to deal with you because they have convinced.

Also you can track your customer and also the behavior. You shall know what they want and why are you fail to deal with them? What improvements required in your business?

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

8- If anyone search online products related to your business then you are visible

There is a coffee shop near me, service and their coffee is best in my city I have used. But still they have only few customers, while the coffee shops with low quality get more engagement. Because those coffee shops are famous on internet with their official website and visible when anyone search on internet while this coffee shop has no official website and not visible on internet so very few peoples know about it.

This is the difference a official website makes. Doesn’t matter you have a much better services than others, you shall not get much business because you are not visible and people didn’t think you as a brand. This is like which looks that sells. ( so start a new way to shine and show your services with your official website hire now. And feel difference yourself.)

Later we have discussed and found that 84% people search on internet before any deal. So to expand your business you have to be visible on internet by which they can easily find you and can deal with you.

This is only possible it you have an official website where customer can get knowledge related to your services when he/she search related to your services.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

9- Your competitors have website for their business

This is the main reason why should you have a website for your business? You know it very well that you are not alone in the market. There are thousands of competitors for you in your business and many of them have got a website for their business.

That’s why if you want to be in competition with them you should have online presence like them, Which is possible by only your official website.
As in previous points we have discussed how they are getting profit from their website as getting trust of customers, showing happy customers, fixing appointments online and showing their products/services as well as portfolio and you should also get that profit if you want to stand for long time in market.

Might be some of your customers are not online at this time but they shall also be online after some time so it’s a great chance for you to create a different look and a good impression on your customers.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

10- Builds relation between you and your customers

A website helps to create a long term relation between you and your customers.

A website helps to put a query related to your product easily and if they have any complain, they can do it easily on your website which led them to deal with you because by your website they can be connected with you easily and have not be worry if they have any complain related to your products. By this a strong, a long time relation will have been created between you and your customers.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

11- Because online presence is necessary

In past time, For advertisement company used print ads which was really very costly and time consuming and the worst thing was that they could not target only required persons, They had to target all the peoples. And also then the result was not much good.

Why I need a website for my business?

On the other hand if you use online marketing, You can target only required customers and also it has a good result with less effort and less cost.
Your website is a official place where you can send your customers from many of platforms as social media, e-mail marketing and video channels.


  • 59% people of world i.e. approx 4.54 billion active on social media everyday so you can target them by your online presence very easily at low cost.
  • Companies which writes articles related to their business regularly gets 4.5 times more business.
  • E-mail marketing is 40 times more effective than any other social media platform.
  • A video on your landing page helps to increase conversion rate by 80%.
  • So if you really want to gain more and more profit from your business so you have to be online with your official website.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

12- Website encourage people to contact you

An official website is a great place to place your contact detail. You can put your contact detail in footer or in header otherwise you can create icon for contact us which helps customers to contact you.

After watching your previous works, reviews and your services they want to contact you. So it should be very easy to contact for them to you. The icon led them to contact you because they can contact you with only one click and didn’t takes much of efforts. You can also create a contact form or you can give a option to fix appointment.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

13- People search for products/services online before buying

The behavior of customer has changed and mainly after COVID-19 pandemic, a lot.

Now 98% of customers starts to search on internet before going outside for any service/product and 50% of them want their service at home.

As I have discussed in previous 63% deal with them whom have seen at home while searching on internet. So you should be in that search results and mainly in top to get that business.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

14- You can create a effective strategy to target your customers

If you want to expand your business more, Then first you have to understand the behavior of your customers. And website is a great place to understand behavior of your customers and with this you can create a effective strategy to increase business. You can track peoples who visit to your website. You can use google analytics to understand this.

You can get knowledge of-

  • Number of daily visitors.
  • Number of visitors who visited once only.
  • Number of peoples who didn’t read your page.
  • How much time they spent on your website?
  • This statistics will help you to how to target people and what type of content they want.

After knowing that you can create your strategy and target them. That’s why you should have a highly responsive website.

Why I need a website for my business? Reason number

15- Website of your business proves that you are a brand

As everyone uses internet and if they get you on internet then it makes them to think that you are differnet and better than others in this business. It not only creates trust on you also gives a different look of your business. It makes you special and valuable in the market and place you as a brand in that business.

In this time anyone before any deal thinks 10 times that is it good or not? But if you have a website they think, you are brand and they can deal with you easily because a brand company works well and gives a better output.
Many of customers ask “Where is your official website?” It led them to trust on you as a brand in market.

If you start to think as a customer, there a thousands of businesses like you then why should they deal with you only? Then you can show yourself as brand, more active and more trustable than others. This is only possible when you have a something different than others and that is your official website. So order now and get your official website.

I think now you have got your answer of ‘ Why I need a website for my business?’



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